Saturday, February 22, 2014

Blog Kiosk: 2/22/2014 - Dodgers Links - Rachel Robinson, Matt Kemp to Miss Australia and Fat Puig

See kids, the pro's do run-down drills too.  Miguel Rojas makes a tag in the photo above.  Pic via Jon SooHoo/LA Dodgers 2014.
"It didn't look good," said Kershaw. "Glad he walked off. He seemed OK."
And while it was pure coincidence that the Dodgers just so happened to be in town playing the Mets during my visit, she insisted that we go to Junior’s – and not just for the best cheesecake in town either. Within seconds of walking in the doors of the unique shaped building I realized what she had meant – the place was a virtual museum of Dodger memorabilia and photographs. You could just feel the connection to the Brooklyn Dodgers.
Projections are just projections, but it’s worth noting that only two of last year’s playoff teams had seven above-average position players. Only one was in the NL — the Dodgers. That the Dodgers have good players everywhere (with some depth) has allowed them to gather this group at second base with less heartburn.
  • Bob Lemke shares an interesting story related to the anger one ex-ballplayer had towards Branch Rickey for signing Jackie Robinson. I think it's funny that the rational Bill Werber used in his letter to Rickey is strikingly similar to the rational used by folks today against other minority classes. 
“Your effort to force them to accept socially and to play with a Negro or Negroes, is highly distasteful,” Werber continued. “You are, in fact, for some unaccountable reason, discriminating against the majority.”
"We don't feel it's going to be a problem, but we're paying attention to it, put it that way," Mattingly told

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