Friday, February 28, 2014

Blog Kiosk: 2/28/2014 - Dodgers Links - Zack Greinke, Puig's Adjustments and Guerrero Impressing

They've just started working on transforming the Sydney Cricket Grounds into a Baseball field.  Pic via @JBMLBPR on twitter.
He didn’t apologize to anyone in Australia, though high-ranking members of the Dodgers’ front office urged him to take a step back. He was against going Down Under all along, he admits, even volunteered he voted, “no,” when Dodgers players had their say. 
  • Via Greg Baum at The Sydney Morning Herald, writes "Zack Greinke doesn't care for Australia, and why should he?"   Heck, as Greg notes, Zack's comments may have been just what the doctor ordered.
Hopefully, he will enjoy himself. In the meantine, he has already served a third self-contradictory purpose. By professing disinterest in the Dodgers' pair of games in Australia, he has stirred up a great deal more interest in them than could have been expected more than three weeks out.
  • Topps 2014 Heritage Baseball cards come out next week, so they unveiled some preview pics for collectors to gawk over.  Check out a Kershaw base card on the right.  Pic via their twitter.
  • Richard Justice at writes, "Puig still adjusting to a new way of life in US".
In our land of supermarkets and shiny new cars and department stores -- all of it within reach on some level -- Puig seems to be trying to experience it in large bites, all at once. At some point, he may slow down, may accept that this new world is now his world.
“If I get 25 efforts like I get from Alex every day we’re going to be fine,” said Dodgers manager Don Mattingly of the 27-year-old Guerrero. “This guy comes to work everyday. He gives himself the best chance to have success because he comes here everyday with a good attitude, he works hard, he could be here working before, he could be here working after, he works on ground balls, he works in the cage – Alex gives himself the best chance for success.”
  • Via Susan Lulgjuraj at Beckett, Upper Deck has received an exclusive trading card license with the NHL and NHLPA.
  • OT:  I'm sorry, what?  Via Chris Clarke at KCET, "Fracking Waste is Being Dumped Into the Ocean Off California's Coast".

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