Monday, April 28, 2014

Alexander Guerrero Gets his 1st Baseball Card - More Urias Cards are Coming

As you probably know, 2014 Bowman Baseball cards officially go live this coming Wednesday, but that hasn't stopped local retail establishments from stocking their shelves a little early.  It has been reported through numerous circles that packs are being found, purchased and sold (with cards in-hand) as we speak.

With that in mind, I thought I would let everyone know that this years Bowman set, which is principally geared towards prospect/minor league collectors, will include the very first licensed Baseball card of Alexander Guerrero.  BTW, I'll have pics of all the Dodger cards in a few days, so stay tuned.  UPDATE:  I thought I would add for clarification that he does have an unlicensed card - a 2013 Leaf Memories card that you can see here.

There is a Base Prospect card (#BP106) and a Base Chrome Prospect card (#BCP106) available to chase - along with the numerous parallels that are so popular these days.  For those who do not know, the Base Prospect and Base Chrome Prospect cards are identical looking and only differ in the kind of cardboard stock that is used.   Below is a look at Guerrero's Base Chrome Prospect card.

Here is the reverse of the card.


Also, this years Bowman set also includes several new Julio Urias Baseball cards.  This isn't his first licensed card, but will likely constitute his first affordable offerings.  His rookie cards, a 2013 Bowman Sterling Prospect Autographed Card (#BSAP-JU), have been regularly selling for $20 to $30 a piece (Check out a past story about an initial run-up in values during Spring Training this year, here).  So, fans unwilling to spend much money before he has proven himself have been shut out on his cards.  Fortunately for those fans, this years Bowman set includes several different non-autographed Urias cards that all Dodger collectors will find affordable.

Like Alexander Guerrero above, Julio Urias has a Base Prospect (#BP6) and a Base Chrome Prospect cards (#BCP6) available to chase.  Below is a look at his Base Chrome Prospect card.

Here is a look at the reverse of that card.

There are also several other Urias cards available.  Below is a complete checklist.
  • Base Prospect Set - #BP6
  • Chrome Prospect - #BCP6
  • Top 100 Prospects Inserts - #BTP-44
  • Bowman Chrome Mini - #BM-LAD2
  • Bowman Chrome Mini Autograph - #CMA-JU
  • Bowman Black Autograph - #BBC-JU
  • Oversized 1989 Bowman Autograph - #89-JU
  • Oversized Ice Boxloaders - #OI-JU
  • Oversized Ice Autograph Boxloader - #OAI-JU
  • Ultimate Prospect Autograph Book Card - #Julio Urias
 The last 6 cards in the checklist above are likely to be very scarce and pricey.

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