Sunday, May 25, 2014

A No-No Celebration

It couldn't have happened to a better Dodger.

After enduring one of the most difficult years of his career, Josh Beckett throws his first ever Major League no-hitter - the 21st time this has been done by a Dodger.

Congrats, Josh!

Beckett was masterful in this win.  He was in total control throughout the game, and gave no room for the Phillies to operate.  With 128 pitches he struck out 6 and walked only 3.  And to think, he almost called it quits last year.  Suffering through an ailment that caused numbness in this fingers, Beckett struggled and lost confidence.  Soon, he openly lamented that he could be done and retirement might be in his near future.  Then, he had surgery to address a rare condition called thoracic outlet syndrome, and worked his way back to the rotation.  Since his return, Beckett has been phenomenal, and this performance is a sign that he is back.

In celebration of this legendary achievement I made numerous fantasy Baseball cards to mark the occasion.  I used numerous photos grabbed from the @Dodgers twitter feed and used both the vintage 1962 Topps Baseball card design and a design I created this past Spring Training.

(graphic via @Dodgers on twitter)

Watch the last out and the no-no celebration below.

Video Link:

Below he discusses the no-no.

Video Link:

Here are some tweets:

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  1. Awesome cards! Absolutely awesome.
    I know I want those :)

    Paging Topps!


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