Friday, May 16, 2014

Game 7 - Go Kings Go!

Oh, Boy! 

Tonight's Game 7 is going to be a doozy.

There are all kinds of predictions around the 'net, so I'm not going to bore you with mine.  Besides, I'm sure you know were my allegiance is.  All I will do is say that you'd better be sure to hold on tight 'cause this game is gonna be like a 'coaster riding the rails on the tips of its wheels.  It'll be bouncin' and jivin', skippin' and runnin', screamin' and hollerin' like a wild dog lost in a fire strewn desert oasis. 

I will, once again, be visiting the Anaheim hole called The Pond.  I'll be screaming loudly, and chanting obnoxiously with several thousand of my closest Kings-clad friends. 

If I seem unusually amped it's because my emotions the past couple of weeks has been tied up in knots.  All I can think about is playoff hockey, and how badly I want to see victory.

To help you feel what I feel, check out the video below.  BTW, the puck drops at 6:00 PM tonight, so be sure to plan accordingly.

Video Link:

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1 comment:

  1. Cant be there tonight but I was there for Game 5 so I can assume what tonight will be. Go Kings GO !!!


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