Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Go Kings Go!

The Kings are up 3 games to 1 in their Western Conference Championship series against the 'Hawks, and I am nervous in anticipation.

I'm not worried about a epic meltdown, although Chicago is good enough to force that, it's just that I know that winning the fourth game of a series is a tough mountain to climb.  Fortunately, the Kings are running on all cylinders and have nearly every facet of their game clicking like a well-oiled machine.

Better yet, I came across this tidbit of information that warms me up inside, via a tweet from John Buccigross:

Even though Quick has not been exactly Quick-like this postseason, I still know that he's likely to play his best game tonight.  Like the Kings as a whole in these playoffs, Jonathan Quick appears to have gotten better as each game and series has gone by.

I'll be sitting at my sister's home baby-sitting/watching the game with my 3 nephews.  They are all fairly young and relative newbies to the game, so I plan on schooling them on the basics - cheering, chanting and taunting.  Everything else will come with experience.

BTW, here's a cool fact (at least it's cool to me), the Kings have a player with a name similar to each of my nephews.  The Kings player names are defensive forward stud Trevor Lewis, speedy rookie Tanner Pearson and rookie phenom Tyler Toffoli.

Anyway, to get yourself amped up for tonight's game why not check out this great mashup video using highlights from Game 4 made by John Bain on youtube:

Video Link:

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