Sunday, June 29, 2014

Dodgers Tied For 1st - Prove Sports Writers are Often Wrong

The Dodgers accomplished something today that much of the chattering class had once said impossible.  They crawled back from being 9 1/2 games back to tie the Giants.  And, they did it in a span of 21 days... 21 Days! 

Check out what Bob Knightengale wrote earlier this month:
But win the National League West?
No chance.
It's over.
The San Francisco Giants don't have the talent the Dodgers have, but they have the kind of team the Dodgers crave.
The Giants are the definition of a true team.
How's that true team up north doing now?

Or, how about Dan Szymborski?
With a payroll of $235 million on Opening Day, the Los Angeles Dodgers weren't a team put together for the purpose of finishing second in their division. But that's just where they stand in the National League West on Friday, with the San Francisco Giants having opened up a 8 1/2-game lead. While that might not sound like an insurmountable gap to make up, history suggests the 2014 NL West is almost certainly going to be taken by the men in orange and black, not Dodger blue.
He actually reasoned that there was no way the Giants would ever relinquish their lead.  That history was on the Giants side.  That their lead was historically insurmountable.

And what strikes me as idiotic about both of these commentaries is that they were written in early June - less than 2 1/2 months into 6+ month long season.  Talk about premature, eh?

Still, with all of my desire to ridicule these professional progosticators, I can't help but take a heaping spoon of moderation.  After all, there are still 78 games left on the schedule (a little more than half way through the season), so there remains plenty of Baseball left to play.

Let's just hope that the Dodgers do not let up now. 

With that all being said, it's never bad to celebrate some milestones that were reached today.  For instance, Dodger starters are on fire.  Via tweet from the @Dodgers:

And, our ace is in the midst of an historic scoreless innings streak.

Clayton Kershaw is still light years away from Hershiser's 59 scoreless innings.  Still, I find what he's done so far this season to be nothing short of miraculous.  Check out Jon Weisman's piece at Dodger Insider that recounts his season so far.  It amazes me that he began the season on DL, and was an early question mark after signing his huge contract.  Now, he has to be considered a favorite to win the Cy Young once again.

BTW, if you want to see a running list of the top scoreless innings leaders check out Baseball-Almanac, here.  He's got a long way to go.

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