Monday, June 02, 2014

WooHoo! Kings Advance to the Finals! Go Kings Go!

Holy mackerel!  I was on the verge of a heart attack last night.  For the last 30 minutes of play I could feel my heart beating through my chest.  My mind was numb and my body stiff from all of the stress last night's Game 7 provided.

In the end, it took a seemingly harmless shot from the blueline in overtime to end the series.  It had been slightly tipped by a Kings rookie, then deflected through the armpits of a 'Hawks defenseman.  The puck floated endlessly like a waffle thrown across a table to a hungry patron.  Instead of landing on a plate for the goalie to block, it glided over his head to end the game.  Wow!

In all of my 30 years as a Kings fan - a hockey fan - I have never seen a more exciting playoff series.  It was back-and-forth all series long as two evenly matched clubs fought it out like two rams locking horns for supremacy on the mountain.  Both teams rarely gave an inch, and it was plain to see that they gave it their all on the ice.  Chicago gave us fits throughout, and I have no doubt we did the same to them. 

Even several hours after last night's win, I can't rightfully express how much I love this Kings team.  They are fighters... and battlers... they don't give up... and they play with the kind of grit rarely seen in any sport.

When I first became a season ticket holder 10 years ago, during those bad years, I could never really imagine this club being where it is today.  It just didn't seem possible.  Now, we are on the verge of a 2nd Stanley Cup Final berth in three years, a potential 2nd Cup in that timeframe and a possible hockey dynasty that could last for several years more (considering that much of the foundation is signed up on a long term basis).

Thank you, Kings!  I do believe!

Below are some twitter pics celebrating last nights win; including some photos featuring Kings fans welcoming home our boys at LAX in the early morning.

Don't touch that trophy, Brownie!

Bailey welcome's home an old friend.

The crowd is lining up to welcome the Kings home.

BTW, they just painted the ice at the Staples Center.  Don't that look grand?

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  1. It was a hell of a series. Either team deserved it. Just wish it was mine, but it became a game of who would get the last odd bounce, and it went LA's way. If I am the Rangers, I am scared shitless right now.

    1. It was an unbelievable series and your Blackhawks were great. I wasn't surprised it went 7 games.

      I remember telling a buddy at the start of the playoffs that I had absolute confidence the Kings could beat just about any team but one in these playoffs. The 'Hawks worried me. Like last year, I thought they were the only team that could beat us.

      Last year the 'Hawks bested us. This year, we beat them. I wouldn't be surprised to see us face each other again next season.


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