Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Blog Kiosk: 7/22/2014 - Dodger Links - Cardinals are Reckelss and Careless, Is AGon Heating Up?

Hyun-Jin Ryu fans were in force in Pittsburgh last night.  They came out with signs and cheers.  Check out the pic above featuring some of them, via Jon SooHoo/LA Dodgers 2014.  Ryu pitched 7 strong innings in the Dodger 5 to 2 win over the PIrates.  He struck out 5 and walked only 1 batter.

Of special note, Adrian Gonzalez looks to be heating up.  Since the teams return from the All-Star break he has gotten a hit in every game, and last night he recorded 3 hits (including a couple of doubles).  He has career low numbers so far this season, but I do not believe that will last.  He's just too good a hitter.  I wouldn't be surprised to see him go on a tear and watch his stats move closer to the mean.
“One thing is pitching inside and another thing is pitching inside carelessly. They’re obviously showing that they don’t care if they hit him. They’re not on purpose, but they don’t care if they hit him. They hit Hanley last year, they hit [Yasiel] Puig yesterday, they hit Hanley twice today. It’s almost like, ‘Hey, we’re going to throw it inside. If we hit you, we hit you. If we don’t, we don’t.’
  • JP Hoornstra at Inside the Dodgers cogently explains why the team is received additional x-rays of Puig and Hanley.  Thanks, JP.  That was very helpful.  BTW, Bill Plunkett at the OC Register lets us know that both of those follow-up x-rays in Pittsburgh also ended up being negative.
  • Here's an early peak at the Dodger lunch box they are giving away to kids on Sunday, August 17th on the right.
  • Via Sax at the Sons of Steve Garvey, "Three Dodgers in Keith Law's Top 50 MLB Prospects."
  • Think Purple Drank puts together a fun list of five ballplayers he would purposefully hit on the buttocks.  I'd like to include Reggie Jackson, even though he's an old man.  He can take it though.  Have you seen him lately?  He still look really fit, so it wouldn't hurt him.  It's just that I still hate him for his interference play and three-home runs in the playoffs... Damn you! (as I shake my fist in the air).
  • If I were to put on my unbiased observer hat on, I would say that this is a savvy move by the Giants.  Via Ken Rosenthal on twitter, the Giants have picked up Dan Uggla off of waivers.  Uggla has had several recent terrible seasons, but has shown in the past the ability to get on base and record high slugging percentages - translating into a high OPS.  Also, it's just a minor league deal, so it's cheap and they get to see if he has anything left.  IN other words, he's a low risk, high potential reward pick up.
  • Apparently, the Dodgers have signed another youngster.  Via Eric Stephen at True Blue LA, "Dodgers reportedly sign Keivert Ruiz for $140,000."  The kid ia 16-years old and a catcher.  According to Dustin Nosler at Dodgers Digest they also signed first baseman Eric Meza from Mexico.
  • The Real BSmile makes note that the very first night Baseball game in Los Angeles happened on this date in 1930.  It was at old Wrigley Field, and some 25,000 Angelenos attended the game.  Go here to see a vintage photo of the spectacle.

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