Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Free the Dodger Bubble Machine! UPDATE! We Won!

This is probably the most inane thing to happen to the Dodgers all year, but ya know... When it's a lazy hump-day afternoon, I need something to keep me going.

Ryan Walton of Valley Bay News caused quite a stir (at least I think it was him who first brought this to the attention of the masses) on twitter this morning when he tweeted this:

And with that, every fun-filled Dodger fan from coast to coast had something to say.  After all, when the MLB shuts down fun in the clubhouse a passionate fanbase like the Dodgers will react.  And react they did.

Language, Evan... Language!

Austin Handler gets down to the point.

And our fake GM had something to say.

There's no word yet if this rumor is true, but considering the recent disappearance of the soapy Dodger good luck charm something definitely is afoot. 

Frankly, this is small tomato's compared to the soon-to-be-breaking expansion of the Biogenesis steroid scandal; which fascinates me to no end, but still within their rights to regulate.  On the other hand, it seems like this action is a far overreach for the boys in the NY offices.

BTW, the missing Dodger bubble machine has just started a new twitter account in hopes that he doesn't disappear from our collective memories.  Go here (@LABubbleMachine) to follow and say hello.

Hat Tip: Vincent Samperio at Dodgers Nation

UPDATE:  We've won!  The bubble machine is coming back!  Via a tweet from LA Times reporter Bill Shaikin:

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  1. Haha, I was wondering where it went, and I missed that initial tweet. Thanks for the info!


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