Friday, August 08, 2014

This is Probably the Scarcest Jackie Robinson Rookie Card in the Hobby

Last week I had my eyes glued to an eBay auction in hopes I could add the card to my collection.

Who was I kidding, though?  There was no way I'd be able to compete.  Besides, I had recently decided to not no crazy with bids and set a limit on myself that was well below the value of the card.  Nevertheless, I was going to give it the college try.

Featured here is a 1948 R346 Blue Tint card of Jackie Robinson in the super-rare "Black & White" variation.  I've only seen this card once before, and if the auction description is correct (it claims to be the only card to ever be graded by any company) then this is probably that same card.

As you may know, the R346 Blue Tint set is a strip card where several cards are attached together in a strip.  Collectors would have to hand-cut it to turn them into individual cards, so condition is a huge issue.  As the name of the set suggest, they typically were printed with blue ink.  A rare variation exist in black ink.  This card is one of those rarities.

Several years ago I added the normal Blue Tint Jackie Robinson card to my collection, and have painstakingly been putting together a master complete set that is currently 9 cards short of completion (not including the B&W variations).  Over the past decade I can count on one hand the number of different B&W variations of any player that I have seen.

The above card sold last week at $510.00.  I think this is a steal considering what a 1948 Leaf Rookie card sells for today... And, that card is plentiful relative to this example.

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