Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Walter White, er... Heisenberg, er... Bryan Cranston Must be Stopped!

Walter White's alter-ego visited Dodger Stadium last night and I'm not talking about that Heisenberg fellow we all fear.  Instead, White now mask himself as a bigger-than-life Hollywood celebrity named Bryan Cranston, and he quickly enamored himself to the crowd with a comic-book-like shapeshifting skill the likes have not seen since the emergence of Mystique.

He was captivating and charming, gracious and humble... But, deep down you know that that evil monster is lurking in the shadows.  White must be on a scouting trip to set up a new base of operations on the West Coast, and if something isn't done soon to stop him we will all have to pay a steep price.  He even charmed the heck out of our vaunted saint Vin Scully; as evidenced in the photo above. And check out this video below of him running around the press room like he owns it... For shame, Walter White!

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I'm sure you're saying, "But Ernest, he's an upstanding member of the community now!"

I say to you, "I think not."

How do I know?

Let me show you.  I got proof.  See it below.
(pic via @MLB on twitter)

Walter White, the scourge of New Mexico, the master cook of the blue crystal, the drug dealer that even the mafia is afraid of, tried to recruit Dodger reliever Brian Wilson into his world of crime.

White wrote, "I can use a guy like you," and gave it to Brian Wilson.

Make no mistake folks, Heisenberg is not dead... Oh, No!  He's alive and well.

Photos at the top via Jon SooHoo/LA Dodgers 2014.

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