Wednesday, September 24, 2014

They Dun It! Dodgers Win NL West Title!


This was the game we'd all been waiting for.  With the potential of champagne showers and a kind of revelry only a long 162 game season can provide, we had an opportunity to nail down the top spot in the National League Western Division tonight.  Best yet, we had a chance to do it in front of our most hated rival.

So, please take a moment to relive the evening with some replay videos below.

The Giants got on the board first in the third inning due to a balk, that moved runners to second and third base, and a well-placed grounder to score a run.  But before we get there, though, let's watch an amazing defensive play by Clayton Kershaw to record the first out of the inning.

Video Link:

That was some backhand magic, wasn't it?

Anyway, the Giants soon loaded the bases in the inning against our Cy Young candidate to bring up Buster Posey with the bases loaded and one out.  Watch what happened next below.

Video Link:

6-4-3, Baby!

From here, things were a little quiet until the Dodgers half of the fifth inning.  With a man on second base Clayton Kershaw came up to the plate and decided to take matters into his own hands.

Video Link:

Then in the sixth inning the Dodger bats decided to follow Clayton's lead.  First, Yasiel Puig came up to start the inning.

Video Link:

Thereafter, Kemp doubled to center and Hanley Ramirez walked to give the Dodgers two men on base for Carl Crawford.  He proceeded to double them both in to give the Dodgers a 4 to 1 lead (Video Link).  Next up was Juan Uribe who drove in Crawford to give the Dodgers another run (Video Link).  So, at the end of the sixth inning the Dodger lead grew to 5 to 1.

In the seventh inning the Giants were threatening.  A runner was on first base as pinch-hitter Duffy came to the plate.  Watch watch happened next.

Video Link:

You just don't run on Puig.  Don't they know that yet?

In the eigth inning the floodgates opened up for the Dodgers.  Juan Uribe drove in a couple more runs with a single to right.  AJ Ellis then grounded in another run.  A few batters latter Yasiel Puig took a walk to drive in another.  Amazingly, the Dodgers brought 10 batters up to the plate, scored four runs, but had only one hit.  When it was all said and done, the Dodgers staked themselves to a 9-1 lead that they would not relinquish.

This game had everything.  There was intrigue.  There was suspense.  And best of all, there was celebration.

Make no mistake, this game wasn't easy, not by a long shot, but it was thoroughly enjoyeable to watch.

Photo at the very top via Dodgers on twitter:

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