Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Best Kiss Cam Ever!

Lost in the excitement of last night's fantastic victory was an hilarious act I wish I could have seen live.

Two friends were seated next to each other.  One male the other female.  The Man is a Dodger fan and the woman is a Giants fan, as evidenced by their caps.  Both of them are clenching almost completely full cups of beer.  It looks like a dark ale; likely a premium offering sold at a steep price.

Unbeknownst to the Dodger video middle-innings producer, these two folks made a promise.  A promise that is sure to get laughs throughout the stadium - although, there are some who will grumble at the wastefulness of it all.

So, what was that promise?  We don't exactly know, but we do know the outcome.

When these two showed up in last night's "Kiss Cam" the lady turned to her male companion and could be seen saying, "we have to do it."  They then poured their expensive beers on one another.

Watch it below. 

Video Link:

What I find amazing is that they somehow were able to give each other a sudsy shower while at the same time not soaking their adjacent neighbors.  Amazing!

UPDATE:  The fine folks over at Big League Stew seem to think this might all just be a gigantic set-up, and I say "Nay" to that.  Why do haters want to ruin everything?
Is it too cynical to think it's fishy they both happened to have full cups of beer when the "kiss cam" came around? It's possible to envision a couple, legitimately split by the Dodgers and Giants, talking about appearing on kiss cam hypothetically and, as a gag, pouring beer over each other's heads. But it just seems like they were too prepared for the moment, as if the Dodgers gave them a head's up.

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