Friday, October 03, 2014

2014 Topps Stadium Club - All the Dodger Base Cards

Topps decided to bring back the legendary Stadium Club Baseball card brand this year after a six year hiatus.  This is a mid-range priced set that features borderless cards and historically has focused on great photography.  That's its bread and butter.

With its reintroduction they appear to want to recapture that old glory.  It looks like Topps went all out in trying to get some unique photos for a bunch of players.  For some others it's rather ho-hum.  I guess you can't win them all.  I will add that I love many of the photos used for the olde-tyme retired players (I've included some examples) in the set.  Check out the 13 Dodger base cards below.  Go here for a complete checklist.

#7 Adrian Gonzalez                           #42 Jackie Robinson

#61 Alex Guerrero                                      #97 Yasiel Puig

#107 Zack Greinke

#111 Duke Snider                               #129 Hanley Ramirez

#145 Matt Kemp

#149 Mike Piazza                                  #150 Clayton Kershaw

#151 Sandy Koufax

#158 Hyun-Jin Ryu

#186 Carl Crawford

Since I went on about how much I enjoyed some of the vintage photos Topps used I decided to include a bunch of them below.  The Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig cards are phenomenal.  As for the cards of modern players, I thought the Evan Gattis card is so weird it's wonderful.

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