Friday, October 03, 2014

It's Playoff Day

Those butterfly's are starting to stir in the pit of my stomach as this afternoon's Game 1 of the NLDS matchup between the Dodgers and Cardinals is only hours away from starting. 

I remember this feeling.  When nervousness manifest into sweaty palms and clenched fist.  I grab a cup of water, but somehow find myself unable to quench my thirst.

Am I worried or is this just the natural feeling of anticipation?

Am I confident or am I giving in to that uneasy sense of uncertainty?  I dunno.

All I do know is that this is a feeling I relish.  As a fan you go through the peaks and valleys of entire season in hopes of getting to this point - a point where you are sitting at the edge of your seat for the entire game.  You're clapping and cheering, screaming and ranting, all in the belief that your cries can actually be heard.

And through it all, you hope and pray that it will conclude with a feeling of pure elation.  And even if you don't feel that, you realize that there is another game to play in the series - until there isn't.

In hockey they call this the 'second season' and in some ways that is very apt.  Everything that was done in the past stays there, and everything that comes during these playoffs is something new.  Heroes will be made from sources you likely do not expect, so get ready to be surprised. 

In just a few hours we'll have an opportunity experience the grandeur of the postseason, and all I know is that my cup is ready to be filled. 

The photo above via Jon SooHoo/LA Dodgers 2014.

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