Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Good Game and Good Luck, Cards

For those who may not recall, during the conclusion of the 2004 NLDS, where the Cardinals defeated the Dodgers, a strange sight occurred - at least it's strange at MLB games.  On the other hand, for most youngsters in organized sports (and NHL hockey fans) it's something that is commonplace.  Heck, it's expected.

The Dodgers came out to congratulate the Cardinals for their series victory with a handshake line.

Unfortunately, this act has not become tradition in Baseball... And for that, I am sorry.  It is something that should happen after every series.  So, in its place I give my virtual handshake to the Cardinals and their fans.

"Good Game and Good Luck"

This was a fun series, and even though it didn't go in my teams favor I still enjoyed every second of it - even as my hair falls out.

I wish you all the luck in the world and look forward facing you again next season.

With that, I think the below shirt best expresses how I am really feeling.

P.S.  As a Kings fan, now I know what it feels like to be a St. Louis Blues fan.  doh!
Pic at the very top via Chris Carlson/AP (photo found at Think Blue LA):
Pic of TShirt via shirtaday.com:

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