Monday, October 13, 2014

Watch Andre Ethier Tonight in his Television Debut

Andre Ethier is going Hollywood.

Following up on his 'stunning' performance on the off-Broadway play Point Break as Johnny Bravo (check out my prior stories about that here and here) in May of this year, Andre joined the television cast of Disney XD's show 'Lab Rats' as a special guest.  It is his acting television debut, and it airs tonight at 6:15 PM on DisneyXD.  

The episode is called 'Alien Gladiators,' and here is the storyline.
Leo and Davenport attend fan convention and face off in an epic fire staff battle. Meanwhile, Adam, Bree, and Chase attend the convention dressed like their favorite “Alien Gladiators” characters in search of the movie’s star. However, things take a turn for the worst when the gang lands in a security holding area with a costumed fan boy.
From what I understand, Andre plays himself and is the movie's star.  Below is a preview clip.

Video Link:

Hat Tip: Amy Crooks at Dis411.
Photo pic above via CAA on twitter:

UPDATE:  Here's another video clip from the episode - with more Andre!

Video Link:

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