Monday, December 01, 2014

A New Roger McDowell Dodger Card for My Collection

If you thought Jesse Orosco or Mickey Hatcher were the biggest goofballs to ever put on a Dodger uniform then you'd be mistaken.  I think perched on that throne might be former Dodger reliever Roger McDowell.

He pitched for the Dodgers for four season in the early 90's and quickly enamored himself with the fans.  After all, who doesn't enjoy witnessing a little bit of hijinks in the dugout.  McDowell was known to shoot off some fireworks and was a master at the classic 'hot foot' maneuver.  For Baseball card collectors he is well known for his often hilarious depictions on cardboard.  I've included numerous examples at the very bottom.

As for the card featured above, it is a 1992 Leaf Baseball card that had been inserted into packs of 2014 Leaf Metal Drafts as an autographed 'Buy Back' card, and I recently added this card to mt collection.  As you may know, these 'Buy Back' cards are numbered to the players uniform number.  In this specific case, McDowell decided to have one final laugh at us all by signing the opposite number of cards.  He wore #31 as a Dodger, but decided to sign only 13 cards. 

Below are some funny McDowell cards from his time as a Dodger.

This last card might be the best of the bunch.  It is a 1993 Leaf Triple Play card #263.

This last photo below is NSFW.  You can view it by going below the jump.

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