Tuesday, December 02, 2014

I had to get the Ned Colletti Card

I was just drawn to this.  With his knowing smile, mesmerizing eyes and dustpan-styled 'stache, I knew my collection wouldn't be complete until I got it.  So, I search high and low and finally came away the victor in a recent eBay auction.  Actually, there wasn't much competition at all since I was the only one to bid on it.  Nevertheless, I'll pretend that I had to battle through a thicket of onlookers in order to grab the prize.  

Featured above is the Ned Colletti 2012 Topps autographed General Manager card that I recently added to my collection, and it's a beaut. 

I don't care what everybody says.  This man exudes sexy.  Heck, even David Brown at Big League Stew exclaimed in his piece about sexiest GM's that Colletti was:

"Pure. Hollywood. Lust."

Oh, wait... That was sarcasm.

Friends have always told me that I often miss obvious social cues.

Anyway, I swear that if you had a chance to meet the man in person, like many of my Dodger blogger brethren from Blogger Nights can attest to, you'd know what I'm talking about.  This guy can 'bob and weave' like the best of them.  He dances like a gazelle in flight from a predator - jumping and diving, shuckin' and jivin'.  Colletti is especially masterful when paired with those mystical snake-skin cowboy boots that he likes to wear.  Those things allow him to mesmerize his audience into doing anything he wants.  His tools are that good.

I, for one, believe that we will rue the day he was replaced by those Ivy League know-it-all's.  After all, nobody brings the sexy like Ned Colletti.  And, sexy wins ballgames.

Or, maybe not.

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