Friday, February 06, 2015

Dodgers GM Farhan Zaidi went on the Tweet Seat Today

Inquiring minds want to know... everything.

We want to know who you are, what you will be doing and when should we expect a championship.  Will there be any more trades, signings of any more free agents or is a certain Cuban in our crosshairs?  Heck, there isn't much we don't want to know about our Dodgers, so when one of the front office honchos decides to stick his head out of the cave for a public grillin' you better take heed.

This afternoon Dodger GM Farhan Zaidi, a new hire for the club, decided to come out of the shadows and onto twitter for a "Tweet Seat" session with fans and I've got a collection of the best responses below. 

BTW, this was one of several "Tweet Seat" interactions the Dodgers have hosted over the past several years.  Past participants include Hyun-Jin Ryu, Zack Greinke, Ricky Nolasco, Corey Seager and Vin Scully.  Check out all of my past post on these events here.

Now, on to Zaidi's twitter adventure.

First, he is asked to address the current bullpen situation by @luisace82 & @HLPresents:

This isn't much of a surprise.  We've read elsewhere that the team likes the changes they have already made.

How about something personal from @Omargaribay8 & @D4L65:

Quickly, though, things got weird.  Of course, @purpledrank0 was involved:

"Nerds!"  Says @MBradMusic:

Below sounds like the perfect solution.

Our resident fake GM needs help:

Stache's!  Everyone needs a stache!

On to something a bit more serious.  How about Puig's defense, via @TRezzoJr:

How about working with Friedman, via @Iroo26?

Then, Zaidi finishes off the "Tweet Seat" with a little bit of snark.

Overall this was a fun exchange between the fans and the team, so hopefully this becomes a regular feature. 

Photo at the very top, via @Dodgers on twitter

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  1. I really wanna hate him for trading Kemp after making statements regarding the trade rumors such as, "He was the best player in the NL in the second half...we understand there is a desperate desire for content out there", but dang, he seems awfully likeable, doesn't he?

    1. Agreed. I like the guy too. He seems to be a down to earth, let's shoot the breeze, have a beer kind of guy.


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