Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Dodgers Join Crosstown Rival Angels in Billboard Campaign

It's not every year that two teams situated in the same market can produce an MVP winner the same season, but that's what happened.  As you know, staff ace Clayton Kershaw and super-slugger Mike Trout captured their leagues MVP award last year; marking just the 11th time it's been done in Major League history.  In honor of this rare accomplishment, both teams unveiled a joint billboard yesterday celebrating the accomplishment, and you can see it for yourself on the corner of Highland and Wilshire in Los Angeles.  No word yet if a similar billboard will show up in Orange County.

BTW, this was the 5th time the Dodgers franchise has paired up with a rival to win the MVP award the same season.  The previous 4 pairings happened in Brooklyn.  Check out a complete list of crosstown MVP's below.

For those less inclined to venture into the heart of Los Angeles the Dodgers provided a photo to whet your whistle.

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