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2015 Topps Heritage - All the Dodger Base, SP's & Variations

For the longest time I wasn't looking forward to seeing this Heritage branded flashback set.  The 1966 design is just bland and uninspiring.  There are no action photos, only portraits and posed shots.  The set screamed out, "I'm boring!"  And gosh darnit, my younger self didn't want to identify with that.

But as the years have gone by I've gained a surprising amount appreciation for it.  It's consistent and simple.  There's no unwarranted flash to get in the way, and who doesn't want a nice mug of your favorite players?  My older self has learned to accept that this minimalist approach is exactly the kind of thing I strive for.  And dammit, I sure do like it.

There are 20 Dodgers' in the base set, and it includes the very first cards of several new Dodger players.  Brandon McCarthy, Howie Kendrick and Jimmie Rollins get Dodger cards.  Strangely, Matt Kemp remains in Dodger Blue even though he was sent packing at roughly the same time we got Rollins and Kendrick.  Man, I tell ya, it's tough to be a Padres fan 'cause they get no respect.

There are several variations to chase if you're into that kind of thing; including a unique "Gum Back Damage" variation that has me intrigued.  For most of us older folks we had to accept the fact that the last card in any pack would always have wax/gum stains.  So, Topps decided to memorialize that with a variation that includes a "Gum" stain on the reverse.  Best yet, they also happen to smell like gum, so I guess you can call it a "scratch and sniff" card.  Anyway, go here to check out a complete checklist for this set and below are all of the cards.

#11 Michael Taylor & Joc Pederson

#43 Juan Uribe                                    #55 Justin Turner

#75 Matt Kemp                                 #100 Clayton Kershaw

#116 Don Mattingly                                   #151 Andre Ethier

#169 Brandon McCarthy                                  #171 A.J. Ellis

#219 Upton, Stanton & Gonzalez

#221 Cueto, Wainwright & Kershaw

#223 Wainwright, Kershaw & Cueto

#225 Kershaw, Cueto & Strasburg

#238 Los Angeles Dodgers Team

#270 Hyun-Jin Ryu                       #273 Kershaw & Wainwright

#280 Howie Kendrick

#288 Melvin Mercedes & Yimi Garcia

#330 Carl Crawford                         #345 Scott Van Slyke

#374 Jimmy Rollins

#392 Carlos Frias & Kendall Graveman

High-Numbered Short Prints

#443 Kenley Jansen                                   #450 Yasiel Puig

#468 Zack Greinke                            #473 Adrian Gonzalez

Action Image Variations

#100 Clayton Kershaw                                 #450 Yasiel Puig

#473 Adrian Gonzalez

Color Swap Variations

#100 Clayton Kershaw

Chrome Base Variation

  • #75 Matt Kemp
  • #100 Clayton Kershaw
  • #270 Hyun-Jin Ryu
  • #443 Kenley Jansen
  • #450 Yasiel Puig
  • #468 Zack Greinke
  • #473 Adrian Gonzalez

Base Mini Variation

  • #75 Matt Kemp
  • #100 Clayton Kershaw
  • #270 Hyun-Jin Ryu
  • #443 Kenley Jansen
  • #450 Yasiel Puig
  • #468 Zack Greinke
  • #473 Adrian Gonzalez

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