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Blog Kiosk: 4/23/2015 - Dodger Links - Interference, the Dodger Bullpen and Chris Rock's Take


You can see that glare in his eye, the growl on his face and a steely determination in the body language of the Dodger ace in the photo above.  He's coming out of the dugout ready to battle and Dodger photographer Jon SooHoo was able to capture it all in black & white.  Apparently, we have second baseman Howie Kendrick to thank for Jon's use of shades in a group of photos shared this morning, and I hope it continues.  There something about black & white photography that I find appealing.  Maybe it's the subtleties it naturally accentuates or how it causes the eye to move about from dark to bright shades in a whirlwind.  I dunno.  Go here to check out more B&W pics from Jon.

As for last night's game... Well, it was a tough one to lose.  We saw a dramatic game-tying home run by our wunderkind infielder Alex Guerrero, a resurgent pitching performance by Clayton Kershaw and a deflating walk-off sacrifice fly.  Sigh.  We'll get'em next time.

Below are some links to check out:
  • I guess folks want to drum up a controversy about the lack of an interference call in the ninth inning, but I refuse to bite.   It was a good non-call.  I do find a couple of tweets by some Dodgers after the game funny, though: (McCarthy & Anderson)
From four closers to no closers in a year's time, the Dodgers bullpen couldn't possibly be any different than it was a year ago. And despite their lack of anything resembling a proven ninth-inning workhorse, LA's bullpen has been nothing short of amazing so far.
De Leon’s fringe credentials are strong: he was selected out of Southern University by the Dodgers in just the 24th round of the 2013 draft, receiving just a $35,000 bonus. His performance hasn’t been a product merely of collegiate polish, either: De Leon sits at 93-95 mph now and features a pair of useful secondary pitches, as well. Over his first two starts this season with High-A Rancho Cucamonga, he’s recorded a 13:1 strikeout-to-walk ratio against 34 batters in 9.0 innings.

  • A Dodger reclamation project has just been let go, via a tweet from Jacob Unruh.  Oh well.  I was really hoping that this one would pan out.

  • Panini just released some preview pics of their 2015 Cooperstown Baseball card set; including the fantastic Jackie Robinson card playing golf on the right.  Go here to check out more pics from them.  BTW, the set comes out in late June.
  • You should check this out.  Chris Rock sounds off on MLB's diversity problem at HBO Real Sports.  I don't know if the problem can be simply solved by allowing more grandiose celebrations, but I do understand his point about the criticism laid on Puig for his style of play.  Heck, there's seems to be a concerted effort by many to stop players from expressing "JOY" while on the field, and that needs to stop.  And folks need to stop using the phrase "Respect for the Game" because it's a load of BS.  Celebration does not show disrespect, instead it shows a heightened love for the sport.

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