Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Campanella's Contract, Labine's Lifetime MLB Pass and Roger Craig WS Watch at REA

Following up on yesterdays post featuring some Brooklyn Dodger relics from Ebbets Field and the front office, I now share with you some player related memorabilia to gawk at. 

Below is Roger Craig's 1955 Dodgers World Series Championship watch.  For the Dodgers very first championship each player received a ring and a watch.  Unlike the rings, very few of these watches remain.  Check out the auction here.
(Auction Link)
(Auction Link)

How great would it be to be a bearer of one of these? 

All Major League ballplayers with a certain amount of playing time within the league (I'm uncertain what that is today 8 years for players and 25 years from front office executives) receive a Lifetime Pass to enter into any Major League Baseball game, and below is former Dodger Clem Labine's pass.  It was given to him in 1959.

These items are certainly unique and highly desirable to collectors.  It is the size of a credit card and is made of metal.  The one's I've seen at card shows are far more shinier than this one.  As the auction description states, this pass has moderate tarnishing, including surface blemishes.  No doubt it was well used by Labine.
(Auction Link)

Last year, Roy Campanella's player contract for the 1947 season with the Nashua Dodgers came up for sale (you can see my post about it here), available at REA today is his 1946 Nashua Dodgers contract.  Check it out below.  This is his very first contract with a Major League affiliated club.

Per the auction description:
The one-year agreement calls for Campanella to receive a salary of $185 per month for the 1946 season. However, in addition to his monthly salary, a special clause grants Campanella a bonus of $2,400, payable in unequal quarterly installments. That bonus is important, because otherwise his monthly salary would have amounted to just $1,100 for the season, which was $2,000 less than we was making as a member of the Elite Giants in the Negro League the year prior. 
The following year, 1947, he was granted a monthly raise to $250.00.  BTW, the 1947 contract sold for $7,170 through Heritage Auctions last year.
(Auction Link)

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