Friday, April 03, 2015

More Babe Ruth as a Dodger Memorabilia at Heritage Auctions

Oh, how I would have loved to meet Babe Ruth!  What a pleasure that would be.

I can imagine it now.  I'm riding the rail car in downtown Los Angeles on a lazy summer afternoon when I look down at my transit pass to see the "Sultan of Swat" gracing Dodger Blue.

I think to myself, "what is this about? Holy moly, the Bambino is coming here?" 

The dreary expressionless face I typically wear on hot days like this would instantly transform into the kind of smile seen on children as they scamper about with no worries at all.  Joy and pure elation would be the feeling.  Man alive, what I would do to be able to experience that.

Featured above is a 1947 Los Angeles Transit Lines Weekly Pass good for August 24th through August 30th, and as you can see it advertises a once in a lifetime event.  The ticket offers all who can attend a chance to "Meet the Babe at the American Legion Little World Series - Gilmore Field - Aug. 28-31."  I am there.  I am so there.

The ticket is paired with another Babe Ruth as a Dodger collectible that you can see below.  You can also see the auction here at Heritage Auctions.  It is just a preview.  The actual auction begins April 24th.

The 1938 scorecard below is from a summer exhibition game between the 1938 Dodgers, with Babe Ruth as a coach, and a group of semi-professional Baseball All-Stars from Indiana.  Click on any pic to embiggen.  There are descriptions of the players involved.

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