Monday, July 20, 2015

An Asterisk in Time

I almost forgot this card existed.  So, when I was reminded of it through a post by Corky at Pack War I figured I would put up a little ditty about it.

Here is a card created by Upper Deck when they were still relevant in the Baseball card hobby.  Featured is the 2007 Sweet Spot Signatures "756" Asterisk card, and as you can see it attempts to take a giant jab at the reigning home run king - Barry Bonds.  Upper Deck wanted to make a point about Barry's recent home run record by producing this card and randomly inserting them into packs.  This card is currently for sale on eBay here.

Once a upon a time, this card sold for upwards of a $1,000 on eBay (as indicated in a late 2007 story I wrote here).  Today, you can buy it for $475.00, and that might be pushing it.  After all, the card is not numbered and it is known that more than one card was produced - likely multiple copies exist.  Furthermore, as time passes by the relevance and schadenfreude this card once created has faded. 

Now, it is a mere footnote... Or *asterisk, if you will.

Hat Tip: Corky at Pack War

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