Friday, September 18, 2015

When the Majors was Only a Glimmer in his Eye - Clayton Kershaw's High School Yearbooks

Recently, I was window shopping on eBay when I came across a couple of items that made me laugh.  It wasn't so funny that I fell on the floor laughing, it's just that it gave me a little smile.  The kind of smile that only the sophomoric would enjoy.

To set things up, I am preparing a post featuring the early rookie cards of staff ace Clayton Kershaw (I'll have that out next week), and came across a couple of yearbooks from his days at Highland Park High School.  Since I have a fascination with oddball Dodger memorabilia I figured they'd be perfect to share here.  Featured below are yearbooks from Highland Park High School in Dallas from 2005 and 2006 - Kershaw's junior and senior years.

2005 Yearbook - Kershaw's Junior year

I wonder if this kid with a terribly unkempt haircut knew where he'd be 10 year from then.  No doubt he was dreaming of big league ballparks and Major League hitters.  See the auction here.  It sold for an affordable $21.50 a couple of weeks ago.  That's not a bad deal, considering there's a future star in there. 

BTW, Detroit Lions quarterback Matt Stafford was also in Clayton's class, so below is his portrait photo.

2006 Yearbook - Kershaw's senior year

Clayton's hair is still a mess.  Apparently our ace has never cared much for grooming.  Above is his senior year photo.  Check out the auction here.  It's currently available at a starting bid of $29.00.  A similar yearbook sold a month ago for $48.00.  Below are some additional photos from within it.  Click any pic to embiggen.
The nicknames below are too adorable.  Apparently he's gone by "bunny, baba, booger, c,clade, clayden, ck, clatonator, babushka, meschugeneh, sugar lump, clarence, sunshine, tonia, sweetpea, gonzobaby, buttercup, creampuff, clayden, claytonga, claytonia, kersh, keesh, pumpkin, baba lou, the wall, beanie, beanie boy, little bud, and sweet baboo."

Here is Matt Stafford.

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