Friday, October 02, 2015

Nancy Bea Hefley to Retire at End of Season

This is terrible news.  The melodic tunes, since reduced over the past few years, will be no more.  Dodger fans, the stadium and all those who enjoy a good tune played on the organ will be losing something grand.

Nancy Bea Hefley has just announced that she will retire at the conclusion of this season.

For 28 years she has entertained the crowd with ballads as varied as "Master of the House", "Funiculi Funicula" and "When I'm 64".  Now, who knows if anyone will ever come in to really replace that sound.  No doubt, modern DJ music will invade our ears at every waking moment, and the sounds of the old Roland organ will fade away like a distant memory.

Per a Dodger press release:
“I have had a wonderful time playing for the Dodgers and their fans,” said Hefley.  “My husband and I felt that this was the right time to settle down in our home in Silver Springs and eliminate all the travel.  The Dodgers have told me I can come back and make guest appearances and I greatly appreciate this gesture.  I hope to get back to Dodger Stadium on occasion.”
Something I didn't realize was that Nancy lived in Silver Springs, NV, and would commute to Los Angeles for each homestand -  renting a second home locally.  That's quite a lot mileage, so at 79-years of age I can certainly understand why she wants to hang it up.  Still, I'm saddened by this news, and desperately want to fall at her feet in hopes she'll change her mind. 

In honor of her, please check out a couple of videos of her playing some notable tunes below:

Master of the House - Orel Hershiser's theme song.

Video Link:

When I'm 64

Video Link:

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