Thursday, October 08, 2015

Today is the Dodgers Birthday of Sorts

For Los Angeles Dodger fans today is a significant day.  It marks the 58th anniversary of Dodgers official announcement that they would be moving the franchise from Brooklyn to Los Angeles.  And with that tears, screams and anger could be felt throughout the New York borough.

Of course, the announcement was of no surprise to many since earlier that year, May 28, 1957, the other Major League clubs had already unanimously voted to allow both the Giants and Dodgers to move out west.  So, it was just a formality that the team would be playing the following season in Los Angeles.  Still, it provided a finality to the contentious situation.  All the protest and rally's begging for O'Malley to "Keep the Dodgers in Brooklyn" had been for naught. 

I can imagine, though, that most Angelenos were ecstatic about having a Major League club as storied as the Dodgers suddenly becoming their hometown team.  Heck, if you can forgive my lack of empathy, I imagine many west coast fans had something like this running through their mind (watch the video below).

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