Tuesday, December 22, 2015

2015 Topps Dynasty - All the Dodger Cards

This product is as high-end as you can get.  For the price of $250 to $300 you get a single box with one encased autographed card.  So this Baseball card brand is not for the weary.

On the positive side, the cards are attractive, and they feature many of the best current and former ballplayers in the game.  Go here for a checklist.

Like last years set, each players "Autographed Patches" have numerous variations available.  For Kershaw and Puig there are at least five different cards available.  So far, I count only three Pederson cards.  I'll update this post should any more pop up.  Also, each variation only has 16 possible copies in existence (including parallels).  There is a blue tint parallel card numbered to ten, a green tint parallel numbered to five and a red tint parallel numbered to only one copy.

I've done my best to collect pics of all the different cards available.  Check them out below.  BTW, you will notice that the backs of each different card has a different description.  Click on any pic to embiggen.  Of note, there is a Will Ferrell (in a DBacks & Angels uni) and John Elway (as a Yankee) cards available.

Autographed Patches

#Nomar Garciaparra

  • redemptions only - printed checklist indicates he'll be a Dodger on these cards.

#Clayton Kershaw

#Clayton Kershaw AP-CKE1

#Clayton Kershaw AP-CKE2

#Clayton Kershaw AP-CKE3

#Clayton Kershaw AP-CKE4

#Clayton Kershaw AP-CKE5

#Joc Pederson

#Joc Pederson  AP-JPE1         

#Joc Pederson  AP-JPE2

#unknown card number

#Yasiel Puig

#Yasiel Puig AP-YP2

#Yasiel Puig AP-YP4

#Yasiel Puig AP-YP5

#unknown card number

#unknown card number

Autographed Dual Relic Greats #/5

  • #Sandy Koufax- not yet seen

Cut Signatures #/1

  • #CS-DDR Don Drysdale
  • #CS-DDY Don Drysdale
  • #CS-DS Duke Snider
  • #CS-JRN Jackie Robinson
  • #CS-PRE Pee Wee Reese
  • #CS-PWR Pee Wee Reese
#CS-DDR Don Drysdale

Cut Signature Dual Relic Legends #/1

  • #DRLC-JR Jackie Robinson

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