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A Visual Checklist of Sandy Koufax Baseball Cards - 1964 to 1967 (and undated issues)

The Sandy Koufax list of cards and collectibles from his playing days has finally come to end.  After spending several hours researching and collecting photos of everything under the sun I bring to you the fourth and final edition to the Koufax checklist.  

This part covers the years 1965 to 1967 and includes several undated issues (at the very end) that are believed to be from his playing days.  BTW, I know that Koufax retired after the 1966 season.  Nevertheless, I decided to include items from the following year since he could still be found in several major issues.

You can check out Part I (1955-59) here.  Part II (1960 to 1962) here.  Part III (1963 to 1964) here.  Below is Part IV.  Click on any pic to embiggen.  If I am missing any card issues please let me know.

On a side note, I'm planning on putting together more checklist in the near future.  I haven't quite settled on who the next one will be, but I'm leaning towards Jackie Robinson... Maybe Campanella... Or Duke Snider... Don Drysdale?  If you have any suggestions please pass that along.


#8 - 1965 Topps - NL ERA Leaders

#300 - 1965 Topps

1965 Topps 5 cent Wax Box

For the first time Topps features actual ballplayers on their Baseball wax boxes in 1965.  As you can see Harmon Killebrew and Mickey Mantle join Sandy Koufax on the 5 cent wax pack box.  These are very scarce in any condition.

#8 - 1965 OPC - NL ERA Leaders

For the first time Sandy Koufax is included in the Canadian version of Topps Baseball cards - famously known to collectors as O-Pee-Chee (or OPC, for short).  These are easily distinguishable due to the "Printed in Canada" notation on the reverse side.

#8 - 1965 Topps Embossed

These cards were inserted into regular packs of Topps 1965 flagship card set.  They measure 2 1/2" by 3 1/2" and feature a raised profile of Koufax on gold foil.  

#NNO - 1965 Topps Transfers

Like the Embossed cards shown above, these cards were inserted into regular packs of Topps 1965 flagship card set - although issued separately in different series wax packs.  They measure 2" by 3" and are iron-on transfers.   

#32 - 1965 Bazooka - Blank Back

#NNO - 1965 LA Dodgers Photo Pack

#NNO - 1965 LA Dodgers Motion Pin

These pins are not scarce at all.  They measure 2 1/2" in diameter.  A Don Drysdale and a general Dodger logo pin also exist.

#NNO - 1965 Jay Publishing - Blank Back


#100 - 1966 Topps

#221 - 1966 Topps - NL ERA Leaders

#223 - 1966 Topps - NL Pitching Leaders

#225 - 1966 Topps - NL Strikout Leaders

1966 Topps 5 cent Wax Box

For the second year in a row Sandy Koufax can be found on boxes of Topps Baseball cards.  As you can see, he is on the front panel advertising that years insert cards called "Rub-off's".

#100 - 1966 OPC

#47 - 1966 Topps Rub Offs

These were found inserted into packs of 1966 Topps Baseball.  

#9 - 1966 Topps Punch Outs - Blank Back

These cards are very scarce.  The Koufax (paired with Yastrzemski) would sell in the tens of thousands of dollars.  This was a test issue; therefore, were never sold or released to the public.  It measures at about 2 1/2" by 4".  You can find out more about this set at Sports Collectors Daily here

#1 - 1966 Bazooka - Blank Back

#812 - 1966 James T. Elder Postcards

#1017 - 1966 James T. Elder Postcards

1966 LA Dodgers/Danny Goodman Ashtray
Celebrates 1965 World Series

Sold at concession stands at Dodger Stadium.

1966 LA Dodgers/Danny Goodman Keychain
Celebrates 1965 World Series

Sold at concession stands at Dodger Stadium. 

1966 LA Dodgers/Danny Goodman Money Clip, Knife & Nail File
Celebrates 1965 World Series

Sold at concession stands at Dodger Stadium. 

#P67392 - 1966 LA Dodgers Postcard

UPDATE!  A 1966 Dodgers Postcard Pennant

I recently became aware of this item, via an eBay listing, so I am including it here.  Check out my post about this unusual collectible here.  It measures 18", from tip to one end, and featured the above 1966 Koufax postcard embedded within it. 

#NNO - 1966 Union 76 Records

Here is another give-away at Union 76 gasoline stations.  With a minimum purchase of gas customers can purchase one of 12 33 1/3 RPM records featuring a Vin Scully interview (49 cents).  The record below includes an interview with Sandy Koufax on one side and John Kennedy on the other.  The artwork on the sleeve was done by Nicholas Volpe.

#NNO - 1966 Union Oil Volpe Tumbler 

Along with the record shown directly above, Dodger fans could also purchase a thermal tumbler with a one of 12 dodger players drawn on the side.  The tumblers are 5 1/4" tall and 3" in diameter.  Artwork done by Nochilas Volpe.

#NNOP - 1966 "Tour of Japan" Maruzen Oil Volpe Tumbler

This may be very rare.  A couple of years ago I ran into an eBay auction featuring the below Volpe tumbler (I wrote about it here).  As you can see it is very different than the one featured directly above.  It was created especially for the Dodgers "Tour of Japan" in 1966, and appears to have been given out by Maruzen Oil.  I do not know if other players exist - although it's likely.  The below Koufax tumbler sold for $104.49.  BTW, it is a bit smaller than the version seen above.  This tumbler is 4 1/4" tall and can fit inside of its American version.


#234 - 1967 Topps - NL ERA Leaders

#236 - 1967 Topps - NL Pitching Leaders

#238 - 1967 Topps NL Strike Out Leaders

#47 - 1967 Topps Punch Outs

A test issue and very rare.  It measures 2-1/2" by 4-5/8".

#NNO - 1967 Topps Disc

Another rare test issue.  Never made available to the public, but several have found their way to the collecting public.  These were apparently intended to be for a pin set that was never produced.

(REA Auction, 2004)

#162 - 1967 Topps Venezuelan - Retirado

This is a card that was made available only to collectors in Venezuela.  Very scarce.  I should note that Venezuelan Baseball cards were made for much of Koufax's career and Venezuelan versions of his North American Topps cards do exist.  Those cards look exactly like the normal American version, but are made with lesser quality card stock and typically lack gloss.  The card below is the only unique looking Venezuelan Koufax card available.

#41 - 1967 Topps Who Am I?

This comes from a set that includes mostly non-sport personalities.  The object was to guess who the person is.  Then, you would rub off the disguise to reveal if you are right.

#60 - 1967 Laughlin World Series

Created by sports artist R.G. "Bob" Laughlin, these cards feature highlights from past World Series games.  They are slightly larger than an typical Baseball card.  A complete set was sold directly by Laughlin in 1967 for $3.  An example of the ad Laughlin used for the set can be seen at the bottom.  Laughlin is noted for working with Fleer in creating cartoon sticker inserts in later years.

#62 - 1967 Laughlin World Series

#NNO - 1967-77 LA Dodgers Photocards - Blank Back
Starting in 1967 the Dodgers began selling 8" by 10" photocards at Dodger Stadium concession stands.  They were originally sold in a pack of 5 cards for a dollar, and the players available for any given year was governed by that years player roster.   Although Koufax had retired by 1967 (having done so the season before) there are two versions of him available.  I only have a pic of the one shown below. 

Unknown Dates
#NNO - Date Unknown - LA Dodgers Pin

I am showing these pins only because I am fairly certain they were sold at concession stands at Dodgers Stadium during his playing career.  Unfortunately, I have yet been able to verify this or determine a year of issue.  Along with the Koufax several other players are known to exist.  These measure approximately 3 1/2" in diameter.  I have seen three different Koufax variations.  Check them all out below.

#NNO - Date Unknown - American Male

This is a very scarce issue, and not much is known about it.  Below is an advertising celluloid pin featuring Sandy Koufax for apparel company American Male - thought to be an LA based retail store.  It measures 3" in diameter.  An exact date of issue is not known, but is assumed to be from his playing days.  I include it here for reference.  Also, a glossy 8" by 10" photo is known to exist, and can be seen below.

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