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A Visual Checklist of Sandy Koufax Baseball Cards - 1960 to 1962

Attempting to catalog every Sandy Koufax card and collectible from his playing days is proving to be far more difficult than I imagined.  In fact, I'm scratching my aching head wondering what the heck I got myself into.  Nevertheless, I will endeavor to complete this task.  You can check out Part I (1955-59) here.  Below is Part II - which covers 1960 to 1962.  Click on any pic to embiggen.  BTW, if I am missing any card issues please let me know.

UPDATE: You can view Part III here.  It covers cards and memorabilia from 1963 to 1964. Part IV (covering 1965-1967) can be seen here.

#343 - 1960 Topps

#NNO - 1960 Danny Goodman - Dodgers Picture Pack - Blank Back
The below photo came from a 20 photo set sold at concession stands during Dodger games.  They are commonly referred to as LA Dodger Picture Packs, but are sometimes called the Danny Goodman sets.  As you may know, Danny Goodman was the Dodgers Advertising Director for 25 years and the brains behind the multitude of Dodger collectibles and memorabilia available at the time.  In fact, his operation and consumer know-how vaulted the Dodgers to the top of the souvenir sales list.  To learn more about Danny check out Andy McCue's excellent biography at SABR, here.

#6 - 1960 Bell Brand

After taking a one year break from issuing Dodger cards in their potato chips, Bell Brand returns with a more traditional set.  They are the same size as your typical Baseball card and feature a short biography and game schedule on the reverse.  You can sometimes find a card still wrapped in the original cellophane to protect them from getting potato chip oil on them. 

#13 - 1960 Herald Examiner Cutout

I would be surprised to see one of these ever again.  Back in 2009 I was cruising through eBay and came across an unusual 27 piece set of cutouts that were printed in the sports section of the Herald Examiner in 1960.  Below is the Sandy Koufax cutout from that set.  Go here to check out my original post on them.  At the time, the complete 27 cutout set sold for an amazing $155.00.

#NNO  - 1960 Morrell Meats

Morrell Meats returns for a second season.  These cards are notable for having the LA Coliseum in the background.

#NNO - 1960 LA Dodgers Postcard

Postcards sold at the stadium feature the exact same image used for the above Morrell Meats card set.

1960 - Union Oil Dodger Family Booklet

Union Oil/Union 76 begins their longtime affiliation with the Dodgers with the below booklet that were handed out at local gas stations.  Unfortunately, I do not have scans of the inner pages.

#NNO - 1960's JD McCarthy Postcards

Since I have a general lack of clarity on the exact issue date for JD McCarthy postcards I figured I would just list them here.  From what I understand, these postcards were printed over a period of decades, and are quite plentiful.  There are at least three different Koufax version available (including one with a facsimile autograph), but many more may be out there.

#49 - 1961 Topps - Strikeout Leaders

#207 - 1961 Topps - Dodgers Southpaws

#344 - 1961 Topps

#32 - 1961 Bell Brand

 #NNO - 1961 Manny's Baseball Land LA Dodgers - Blank Back

Most west-coaster have no idea what Manny's Baseball Land was, but to many fans from the New York area they were the place to go for your memorabilia needs.  They sold pennants, pins and t-shirts, and even created their own team photo sets featuring many of the more popular clubs in the game.  The below Koufax photo is from a 10 player Dodger set created in 1960.  BTW, the store was located across the street from the Yankee Stadium bleachers on River Avenue in the Bronx and lasted from the 1940's to 1978.  Then it moved to New Jersey, first to Cliffside Park, then Hackensack.  From my understanding, they closed their doors about 7 or 8 years ago (either that or they sell strictly online under a different name?).

#NNO - 1961 Morrell Meats

In 1961 Union Oil/Union 76 returned with their second edition of Dodger Family booklets.  You can check out complete scans of the Koufax booklet here.

1961 - Union Oil Dodger Family Booklet

#5 - 1962 Topps

#60 - 1962 Topps - Strikeout Leaders

#NNO - 1962 Topps Bucks

#5 - 1962 Topps Venezuelan

#102 - 1962 Topps Stamp

These stamps were inserted into packs of the 1962 Topps Baseball packs as a panel of two attached stamps.  Below is the Koufax stamp on its own.  I also show the various panels that exist.  From my understanding, Koufax can be found paired with three different players: Hobie Landrith, Bob Shaw and Joe Adcock.

#7 - 1962 Topps 8-card Advertising Sample Sheet - Blank Back

#NNO - 1962 Bazooka - Blank Back

These are cutout cards found on the back side of a box of Bazooka gum.  Below is a photo of a complete uncut box featuring the Sandy Koufax panel.

#32 - 1962 Bell Brand

#NNO - 1962 Bell Brand Ad Sheet - Blank Back

As the name of the below sheet suggest, this item was provided to retailers as an example of the cards that would be promoted with packages of Bell Brand potato chips.  These are very scarce.  Of note, the cards pictured in the ad sheet feature the 1961 Bell Brand cards.

1962 Exhibit Stats Back

Exhibit cards were sold through coin operated machines, are about the size of a postcard and printed on thick cardboard stock.  BTW, a blank back version exist and an exact date of that issue is not known.  Generally, blank back Exhibit cards are given the manufacture date from 1947 to 1966.  Since the statistic card shown below provides a specific date of issue it is regarded as being from 1962.

#NNO - 1962 Jay's Publishing - Blank Back

In 1962 Jay Publishing issued several team photo packs; including the Los Angeles Dodgers.  There are 12 players in the set and measure 4.25" x 6.25". 

The next four Koufax issues are all cardboard box cutouts, and as you can see are all striking similar.  Small variations exist depending on who was the issuer.

#109 - 1962 Jell-O - Blank Back
#109 - 1962 Post Cereal - Canadian - Blank Back
I've just been informed that there is a corrected version of the above Canadian Post Cereal card. As you can see above, the "Walks" portion is actually spelled "Wzlks" -- this is the most common version of the card. Below is the much rarer corrected "Walks" version.

#109 - 1962 Post Cereal - Blue Lines - Blank Back

#109 - 1962 Post Cereal - Red Lines - Blank Back

#NNO - 1962 LA Dodgers Pin

As speculated in an older Standard Catalog of Baseball cards, this pin is thought to be from 1962 and is assumed to have been sold at Dodger Stadium concessions.  It measures 3 1/2" in diameter.  Various versions are known to exist.  Below is the white background pin.  There is also a blue background pin, as well.  There are also two styles of name presentations known - those with the name in a white strip at the bottom of the pin and those with the name overprinted on the photo.

#P50318 - 1962-65 LA Dodgers Postcard

#P62008 - 1962-65 LA Dodgers Postcard

#7D - 1962 Playing Card Supers/Pittsburgh Exhibits

This is one of the scarcer issues out there. They are typically referred to as 1962 Pittsburgh Exhibits, but my guidebook calls them "Playing Card Supers."  Most of the players in the set are of the Pittsburgh Pirates and it is believed they were solely distributed in the Pittsburgh area.  Since the photo used was also used by Exhibit it is assumed they were produced by them. Per a PSA article:
1962 Pittsburgh Exhibits 7 of Hearts. Margolis adds that Koufax's 1962 Pittsburgh Exhibits card is also elusive. Little is known about this issue, but the set's emphasis on Pirates players suggests it was released in the Pittsburgh area in 1962 (though there's no copyright information on the cards). Showcasing a playing card design, the cards were reportedly distributed in penny arcade machines at various locations, including Kennywood Amusement Park near Pittsburgh.

#109 - 1962 Salada Coin

#109 - 1962 Shirriff Coins

This is the very first collaboration between the Dodgers, Union 76 and artist Nicholas Volpe.  Below is the Sandy Koufax 8.5" x 11" portrait.

#NNO - 1962 Union Oil Portrait

#NNO 1962 Camera in a Clubhouse

During the 1962 season Dodger infielder Andy Carey was known to photograph fellow teammates with his Polaroid camera. They were often fun candid pics features ballplayers goofing around. Sometime later on in the season (and possibly the following season, as well) the Dodgers decided to take 20 of his best photographs and sell them at Dodger Stadium concession stands for fans to enjoy. Sandy Koufax is available on two of those photos (there may be in more, so stay tuned). See them below.

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