Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Blog Kiosk: 2/24/2016 - Dodgers Links - Urias, Maeda and Corey Seager

The well loved Dodgers skipper Wilbert "Uncle Robbie" Robinson looks as happy as can be.  He is sporting Dodger pinstripes and a fantastic Brooklyn sweater to go along with his robust waist.  It is dated to the tail end of the 1916 season; a year the club won it's first National League pennant in sixteen years.  It is currently available at RMY Auctions.  BTW, the photo was found in the archives of Underwood and Underwood - a well regarded sports press photo shop at the time.

Below are more links to check out:
"My first choice would be to be here with the Dodgers and see if there is an opportunity for me here," Urias said in Spanish. "I prefer to be with the Dodgers. But at the same time, I would enjoy being with the Mexican team."
  • Via Cary Osborne at Dodger Insider, "Eager to go from Seager to Seager."  Cary speaks with Chris Woodward, the Dodgers' new third base coach, about Corey - after having spent so much time with his brother Kyle in Seattle.
“Kyle’s very humble, but he’s got a lot of confidence when he goes up there,” Woodward said. “Some guys are cocky, but then they’re hard to coach because they think they’re good enough. There’s so many dynamics to players, but Kyle was perfect in most ways. He said Corey’s the same way. Kyle said, ‘Corey’s the same way, but he’s better than I am.’ I said, ‘Wait a second. You’re a hundred million-dollar player who’s an All-Star, a Gold Glove winner, and you’re saying he’s better than you? OK.’ He said, ‘I’m not lying.’”
"I know about his fastball command and I've seen evidence of his slider and how devastating his slider can be, but I was impressed with his changeup and his ability to throw that today with the quality of depth he had with it and really command it in the middle of the plate," Ellis said. "We talked for a while afterwards about what an important weapon that can be for him this year."

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