Thursday, February 11, 2016

Google is Ahead of the Curve - Has Already Renamed Street to Vin Scully Avenue

I guess we all already knew how progressive Google is.  They are the movers and shakers of the world, after all.  You should expect that if change is coming, whether its on your computer screens or on main street, they'd be the first to let everyone know.  Heck, even before the "T's" are crossed and the "I's" are dotted Google's online map program has already renamed Elysian Park Avenue to Vin Scully Avenue.

As I learned through a Reddit post yesterday afternoon by r/DonMexico Google maps has their eyes and ears everywhere.  Having witnessed the official pronouncement by the Los Angeles City Council a couple of Friday's ago, Google went ahead and decided to honor Vin Scully before the city has even filed their paperwork.  Check out what I mean in the screengrab below:
(Google Map Link)

That is some swift work by the technological powerhouse.

Yahoo and Bing, on the other hand, continue to live in the past.  They have yet to make an update.
(Bing Map Link)

(Yahoo Map Link)

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