Monday, June 06, 2016

Dodgers to Give Away Topps Jumbo Baseball Card on June 18th

Here's a new promotional giveaway that has yet to be officially announced by the Dodgers.  Fortunately, Topps decided to let us all in on what will be coming.  On Saturday, June 18th, in a game against the Brewers, the Dodgers will be giving away a jumbo sized (5" x 7") Baseball card of Adrian Gonzalez to fans in attendance.  Specific details beyond that have not been released, but I gotta think every fan (40,000 of you, at least) will probably be getting one.  (UPDATE:  The Cubs promotional schedule online indicates that only 10,000 of the cards were distributed to fans at their game, so this giveaway might be limited.)

Go here for more information.  Every team in Baseball has partnered up with Topps - with the Phillies, Cubs and Rangers having their Baseball card promotions this past weekend. 

At this time we don't know exactly what the AGon card will look like, but we do know that the cards given out by the other teams resemble the respective players card from the flagship set.  So it's likely the Adrian Gonzalez card will like the one directly below.

In case you're interested, the Angels will be giving away a Mike Trout card this coming Saturday.  Again, go here for more information about this promotion from Topps.

UPDATE:  Strangely, I have yet to see any of the jumbo cards supposedly given away this past weekend by the Cubs, Phillies and Rangers for sale on eBay yet.  It usually doesn't take very long for something like this to show up for sale.  This makes me wonder if the promotion is limited in number.  When I find out more I will surely pass that along (and update this post).

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  1. On the Cubs schedule website ( it says they only gave away 10K oversized cards...



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