Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Starting Lineups are Back - A Look at the 1988 SLU Dodger Set

Do you know who's back?

Starting Lineups are back, and for folks like me, who were reared during the hobbies heyday in the 80's, this is welcome news.   Darren Rovell at ESPN has the scoop:
On Oct. 30, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will give away Starting Lineup figurines of quarterback Jameis Winston to anyone who buys a ticket to the team's game against the Oakland Raiders.
For the time being Starting Lineups will only be made as promotional giveaways, so it might be some time before we see any Dodger players in new SLU packaging.  (You can check the company out on twitter here: @SLUToys)

In the meantime, I thought I would confess to having a sizable group of Starting Lineups in my own collection.  I say confess because I had kind-of forgotten all about them, and frankly was a little embarrassed.  After all, none of them look anything like the player they are meant to depict. 

My collection mostly sits hidden within a huge bag in my closet - both cardless and completely out of its original packaging.  In fact, if memory serves right I am just a handful of figurines short of completing the entire 1988 SLU Baseball set.  Unfortunately, it's a set of just the figurines and not the cards themselves.

Anyway, since I had my mind on Starting Lineup's I thought I would take moment to pull out the five Dodger players in the set to share here.  Check them all out below.

As I said, none of my SLU figurines are still in their packaging, so I went ahead and grabbed an example of what each one looked like when sold in stores.  Of note, there appears to be at least two different packaging card backs available - one with or without the free autograph Baseball offer on the front.  I do not believe any one version is scarcer than the other.

Pedro Guerrero

Mike Marshall

Steve Sax

Franklin Stubbs

Fernando Valenzuela

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