Thursday, September 01, 2016

Game Winning Grand Slam for Andrew Toles - 2016 Topps Now - #413

This was a moment worthy of a Topps Now card.

Featured above is an commemorative card that celebrates Andrew Toles clutch grand slam in last nights game.  As you surely know, he smashed an 0-1 pitch with the bases jacked in the ninth inning into the left field stands.  Best yet, he sprinted around those bases like he was being chased by the ghost that kept him out of the game just a year ago.

Few ballplayers have experienced the kind of "ups and downs" that Toles has.  He began as an highly prized prospect within Tampa Bay's system in 2012 then found himself out of the game just under three years later.  In fact, he spent several weeks in 2015 working at a Kroger grocery store before deciding to rededicate himself to the game.  Thankfully, all of the promise that existed when he was originally drafted is now flourishing with the Dodgers.  Toles is currently slashing .397/.463/.690/1.152 in 58 at-bats since being called up to Los Angeles.

Per Doug Padilla at ESPN:
Asked about how far he has come in a year, Toles only seemed to want to go as far back as the grand slam he just hit.

"I'm not trying to look back man, I'm just trying to look forward and keep playing," he said. "I'm just trying to focus on right now, man. That's about it."
Why worry about the past when, clearly, it's the future that's really important.  Go here to check it out and order the card shown above.

UPDATE:  The print run for this card is 458 copies.

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