Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Let the Mockery of Bumgarner Begin -- #DontLookAtMe

Yeah... They went there. 

After last night's unusual bench-clearing and subsequent walk-off victory several Dodger players decided to have some fun this afternoon at the expense of a certain Giants player who appears unable to "play the game the right way." 

What I mean is that this guy doesn't seem to have proper respect for his fellow ballplayers.   In fact, you can say that he freely "shows up" other players whenever he is looking for a way to pump himself up -- as he personally acknowledged earlier this year.

Worse yet, he has a long... and I mean LONG... history of starting similar scuffles.  Heck, you wouldn't be remiss for comparing him to a schoolyard bully. 

Naturally, the best way to diffuse someone like that is to poke fun at him... 'cause, ya know, life's too short to let a bully give you any emotion other than laughter.  And that's what the Dodgers and much of the Baseball world is doing.  We are all laughing AT Madison Bumgarner, and frankly he has no right to complain. 

He deserves it.  He knows it, Dodger and Giants fans know it, and the entire Baseball world knows it.

Now enjoy a couple of pics tweeted out by Adrian Gonzalez and Yasiel Puig with their brand new #DontLookAtMe t-shirts.  LOL!

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