Wednesday, September 21, 2016

With Time Warner Gone -- It's Now Time to Hate Charter Communications


Just when I thought things could get better with Time Warner out of the picture, I've come to recently realize that Charter might be just as bad -- if not worse.  Based upon several comments in an article released yesterday by LA Times reporter Meg James ("Charter introduces Spectrum brand in Southern California") we should NOT expect to see Dodger Baseball broadcasted widely throughout the Los Angeles area next season.  Instead, we will likely be experiencing a fourth straight season of the "Dodgers Blackout."
The SportsNet LA channel will be priced higher next season, returning to its initial rate of more than $4.50 a month per subscriber home. That is the amount that AT&T’s DirecTV, Cox Communications and Frontier Communications all have complained was too high. Time Warner Cable, which entered into a long-term deal to distribute the sports channel, in March had offered a reduced rate for one year to encourage other pay-TV providers to carry it — but the proposed discount has since been abandoned.
“That deal is no longer on the table -- it didn’t work,” Charter Chief Executive Thomas Rutledge said Tuesday in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. “We would love to sell the channel to others, but no one has bought it — and we are not giving it away. So if consumers want the Dodger channel, they’ll need to subscribe to us to get it.”
Same sh*t, different company.

Keep this in mind, the deal the Dodgers initially signed with Time Warner was for 25 years, so assuming the above stance remains constant over that time we might not see wide coverage until 2039!

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