Monday, October 24, 2016

A Couple Vintage Dodgers Collectibles at Lelands Auctions -- The Sym-Phony Band and an Wrigley Flag

With our teams unceremonious exit from the 2016 postseason, I thought it would be fun to take one last look at the current Lelands Auction for some more vintage Dodgers memorabilia.  After all, there is no better way to get over the hump of another disappointing Baseball season then by seeking out the past for some guidance, and this auction is filled with stuff that could assist us.  For instance, last week I dived into this auction and shared pics of a couple of great vintage editorial cartoons featuring the Brooklyn Dodgers "Bum" (link here) -- which seems fairly apt considering how things ended for us.

Now, I share something else that is somewhat similar.  Featured above is a vintage original Barney Stein photograph of the Brooklyn Dodgers "Sym-Phony" band taken in the early 50's.  (Auction Link)  As you may know, the oftentimes merry band of Dodger rooters spontaneously formed an fan-band to entertain the crowd at home games at Ebbets Field.  After all, years of futility required fans to funnel their sorrow into laughter.

From what I understand, they appeared at every home game from 1939 to 1957.  At first, they had to sneak their instruments into the game, but soon they had the support of management.  And as a result, they would be allowed into the game for free.  In fact, they were given their own row in Section 8 (get it?) of the stadium, and affectionately called their area the "loco section".

This group of merry melodic pranksters did everything from starting chants to making funny sounds during the game.  They even had an entire repertoire of songs they played depending upon what was going on in the game.  For instance, whenever they had enough of an umpire's blatantly bad calls they played, "Three Bling Mice".

Lastly, the item below relates directly to the Dodgers and the team that beat us this weekend.  Below is a Dodgers banner that flew high on the roof of Wrigley Field in Chicago.  (Auction Link)  As you may know, Wrigley includes several flag poles that has team flags of every team in the league in the order of their placement within their division.  The flag directly below hung at the stadium during the 2015 season.

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