Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Pop-Up Museum Tour with Maury Wills at FanFest

I had only one event at the 2017 Dodgers FanFest scheduled for myself.  I had missed out on getting any autographs online, so I decided to do the next best thing.  I scheduled a guided tour with Dodgers legend Maury Wills at the Dodgers "Pop-Up Museum", and it proved to be the highlight of my afternoon.

Before I get started I thought I would make note of a couple trophies (seen above) currently being displayed in the club level of the stadium - near the elevators.  I had seen these as our tour group was heading up to the museum.  At the above right are two Baseball Organization of the Year Awards (1981 & 1997) that were presented to the Dodgers by Topps - the trading card company. These are obviously pertinent to this blog.

Also, go to this link if you are interested in visiting the museum yourself.  It will run only until early March, so you need to get out there soon. 

Now I bring to you Maury Wills.  Dodger historian Mark Langill was also there to help out, and he made sure to note that Maury played for the Jackie Robinson All-Stars as a youth -  pointing out a jersey from the barnstorming club that was hanging nearby (see it below).

Wills recounted his struggle to find his place in the world, and in Baseball.  He had grown up in a very poor household and often did not have the kind of equipment that would allow him to excel in the game.  Instead, he had his god-given gifts and a desire to succeed.  So he outworked, out-hustled and never gave up.

BTW, there are bunch of Robinson memorabilia at the museum to gaze at.  Below are just a few of the retail collectibles that are on display. 

There are also a bunch of Don Drysdale memorabilia that had recently sold through SCP.  Check out pics of some of those below.  On the below left is Drysdale's 1962 Cy Young Award, and to its right is his 1968 Charles "The Brow" DiGiovanna Award for being the player "Most Typifying Dodger Tradition".

Below are game-used gloves and jackets that once belonged to Drysdale; including his high school letterman jacket and glove.

Of course, no Dodger museum would be complete without Sandy Koufax.  Below are two game-used jersey's.  As you may know, these two are rarities.  I was once told by another more-season collector that you can count the number of real Koufax jerseys with one hand.  Under one roof are two of them.

How about some Roy Campanella stuff.

And some Don Newcombe items.

You can even get a look at Steve Garvey's 1974 MVP Award.

Vin Scully is also represented at the Pop-Up Museum.

Below are a few more photos; including a couple of vintage banners (directly below) that I would love to have hanging on my walls.

Below are game jersey's from Johnny Podres and Hideo Nomo.

And check out this giant grouping of vintage Dodger uni's.

A unique part of the museum are the various photographs that were forwarded by the Baseball Hall of Fame - many of which were taken by legendary photographer Charles Conlon.  There's the famous Ty Cobb slide to the barnstorming duo of Lou "Larrupin Lou's" Gehrig and Babe "Bustin' Babe's" Ruth.

Here I am with Maury Wills.  Unfortunately, it came out a bit blurry.

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  1. This is awesome, my dad played 2nd base at Lafayette high school with Sandy. I think my brother has the Letterman's jacket still! I remember when I was 13 Sandy called and I was the one who answered the phone when he wanted to see if my dad wanted to play golf when we used to live in Cambria CA., I didn't realize I was talking to Mr. Cofax when he told me his name was Sandy and to please tell my dad to call him. I'd like to meet Sandy Sometime so I Could learn a little bit more about my dad When he was young since he passed away.


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