Friday, May 19, 2017

2017 Dodgers Sports Crate - May Edition - Kershaw and Grandal

I've always watched with envy at all the fans and collectors out there who could find a goodie crate that exactly fit their interest.

Sure, I love comic book adventure flicks, but I'm not much of a collector of that genre. I've seen zombie crates (who doesn't love zombies), but I don't have much use for weaponry. The few Baseball-centered crates I've seen always seemed like too much of a gamble. After all, I'd hate to get something Giants related.

So, when I first heard of Sports Crate and their Dodger-specific crates I knew I had to get it. Dutifully, I signed up, bought a full seasons worth and waited... and waited... and waited.

Finally, it arrived at my work this afternoon, and I will now share its entire contents below. First, here is the Topps produced 2017 Sports Crate exclusive card of Clayton Kershaw. As you can see on its reverse, this card will be one of five in a Dodger team set. (click any pic to embiggen)

Now let's get to opening the rest of the crate.

Check out the design on the inside interior of the box. Below is a closer look at the Clayton Kershaw figurine.

It's smaller than I thought it would be - maybe four or five inches - and made of all plastic. His feet are so small it's hard to make him stand up on his own, and it doesn't come with a stand (found it). Still, Clayton looks like one bad-ass MF'er!

Below is a long sleeve Sports Crate-branded Dodgers shirt. I'm not quite sure what the background design is suppose to be. Any idea?

The crate also included the below pin. It's a bit cheesy, but since I have a Dodger pin collection this will fit right in. BTW, they also included a Sports Crate branded cooler bag (with no Dodger logo), but did not take a pic.

Lastly, the Dodger Crate held the below Yasmani Grandal cornhole game. It's small enough to be played on a dinning room table.

Overall, it's a great box and fun little adventure for this Dodger fan. I wouldn't say that you get a great deal in terms of value, but it did satisfy my collector cravings.

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