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Blog Kiosk: 6/16/2017 - Dodgers Links - Garvey at the Congressional Baseball Game

After all of the turmoil from the other day it was awfully nice that yesterdays annual Congressional Baseball Game turned out so well. A record crowd of almost 25,000 fans packed the stadiums lower bowl and cheered, rooted and gave standing ovations for just about everything. It was like Baseball has retaken its rightful place as America's unifying sport. BTW, Dodger legend Steve Garvey was also there to lend a hand and lead a prayer on the field before the game. Per Chuck Raasch at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:
“Just here to support the guys and gals,” said Garvey, a long-time first baseman for the Los Angeles Dodgers. 
“It’s our national pastime,” he added. “If anything is bipartisan, it’s baseball.”
It is expected that the amount of money raised for charity, including literacy, Boys and Girls Clubs, and Capitol Police, will be near $1 million. As a side note, the final score from the match was very lopsided. The Dems defeated the Repubs 11-2. Photos above via Steve Garvey on his twitter.

BTW, the Dodgers six game winning was snapped yesterday afternoon. Oh well... Winning isn't everything. Below are more links to check out:
  • This Day in Dodgers History: In 1961 the Dodgers signed amateur free agent Roy Gleason. He would get a cup of coffee with the Dodgers in 1963 -- recording a double in his only at-bat and getting a World Series ring. Soon thereafter he would be drafted into the Army and be sent to Vietnam. Gleason would lose his World Series ring there, and becomes the only US Combat Veteran and former Major League Baseball player to receive "Special Congressional Recognition" for being awarded a "Purple Heart", a World Series Ring, and holding a "Perfect" Lifetime Major League Batting Average. In 1963 rookie pitcher Nick Willhite shut out the Cubs, 2-0, and become the first Los Angeles pitcher for throw a shutout in his Major League debut. In 1977 the Dodgers purchased right-handed reliever and Los Angeles native Bobby Castillo from the Kansas City Royals. 
  • Happy Birthday, Pete CoscarartStan WallJonathan Broxton!
  • Video: Alanna Rizzo speaks with Dave Roberts after the Dodgers 12-5 loss to the Cleveland Indians on Thursday. (video link)
  • Video: Go behind-the-scenes as Alex Wood spends his off day training his new puppy. (video link)
  • Per Jeff Sullivan at FanGraphs; "Rich Hill Is Out of Whack."
Velocity down. Location off, mostly up and arm-side. It could be something subtle and mechanical, with Hill flying open, or alternatively throwing a little too much across his body. Other than that, you have to think about Hill’s blister issue. Hill has said recently that the blister problem hasn’t recurred, and there’s a good chance he’s telling the truth. Now, he might actually have some finger discomfort, which has prevented him from completing his pitches normally. Or it could be he’s just struggling to regain his normal feel for the ball, after having been sidelined for a few weeks. Hill has acknowledged how much of his own game comes down to having that proper feel, and it’s not something you can force. Hill’s whole approach involves subtle manipulation of grips and finger pressure, and he hasn’t settled into a groove.
Manager Dave Roberts indicated there was no timetable for Urias’ resumption of a throwing program and said that the pitcher will not engage in baseball activity “for the foreseeable future.”
“I don’t know if we’ve made the decision yet on if it’s a week, if it’s two weeks when he’s going to pick up a baseball,” Roberts said before Thursday’s series finale against the Cleveland Indians at Progressive Field. “Right now, I don’t think we have an answer.”
"Seeing my dad after he lost all that weight and lost his hair, pictures don't do justice to what a cancer patient goes through," he said. "To see him in person, to see how much his body changed when they came for my birthday, it was shocking, eye-opening."
“I grew up wearing blue, then orange, and I guess I’m back to the blue now,” Cooper said Wednesday. “I don’t think there is much of a difference (in the shades of blue), which works out well for me.”
In just over 200 plate appearances with Tulsa, Fernandez has recorded the lowest strikeout rate among all qualified Double-A hitters. His .167 isolated-power mark, meanwhile, is nearly 40 points greater than the Texas League average. Overall, Fernandez has recorded a 138 wRC+, and Steamer projects a 96 wRC+ at the major-league level.

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