Friday, June 30, 2017

Blog Kiosk: 6/30/2017 - Dodgers Links - Some Odds and Ends

The Dodgers love the long ball.

Joc Pederson's three-run sixth inning home run last night marked the teams 50th homer during the month of June -- setting a new franchise mark. Per Joshua Thornton at
"The at-bats collectively in June, very good, obviously," manager Dave Roberts said. "The results, obviously very good. But I think that the focus, the keeping the line moving, winning pitches, I think that resulted in the long ball. It is incredible, and you look at the month and what we did offensively and that's something that we know potentially that this lineup can do." 
Photo above via Jon SooHoo/LA Dodgers 2017. Go here to check out more pics by Jon from yesterdays game. Below are more links to check out:
“Some of the greatest baseball players that ever played the game played and died, some of their names will never be known,” said Dennis “Bose” Biddle, president of Yesterday’s Negro League Baseball. “These men made baseball what they are calling it today: America’s greatest pastime.”
The exhibit will be moved into Dodgers stadium to be featured in a larger exhibit about the impact African American players have on the sport. Dodgers fans can enjoy the exhibit throughout the month of July.
"So we're watching the Toronto game. Dave Stewart's pitching, and Dave Stewart is pitching a no-hitter. So Fernando pokes his head in, just when Dave Stewart's getting the last out of his no-hitter, and Fernando says, 'Hey, you saw one on TV, now you're going to see one in person.'
"And he walks out of the bullpen, and throws a no-hitter."
Questions persist about Fernandez’s second-base defense. No questions appear to remain about his offensive profile, however. He possesses the lowest strikeout rate in the Texas League among qualified batters and a better-than-average isolated-power figure.
  • WTF! This is incredible. Broadcasters Orel Hershiser and Joe Davis, who imagine carpooled to the games in Anaheim, shared a duet on twitter last night. Watch it below:

  • Here is something new from Topps I am just now finding out about. They recently released a 2017 Topps On Demand card set and it features Baseball and the 600 home run club -- naturally focusing on players who may eclipse that mark at some point in their careers. Both Cody Bellinger and Corey Seager are in the 25-card set. Check out the Belly card on the right. Unfortunately, this $60.00 set (limited to 1,632 copies) is already sold out. Go here to check out details.
  • What a fantastic story. On Wednesday MLB umpire John Tumpane came to the rescue. Per an NPR story; "'Not On My Watch': MLB Umpire Helps Save Woman On Pittsburgh Bridge."
Major League umpire John Tumpane is used to making quick calls under high pressure – about foul balls, strikes and home runs. But on Wednesday afternoon, the stakes were much higher when he saw a woman climb over the railing of Pittsburgh's Roberto Clemente Bridge, far above the Allegheny River.
Tumpane rushed toward the woman and hooked his arm around hers, according to The Pittsburgh-Post Gazette. 
He told the newspaper that the woman said, "I'm better off on this side. Just let me go." Tumpane said he told her, "I'm not going to let you go."

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