Monday, July 24, 2017

2017 Allen & Ginter - The Dodgers RIP Cards and Mini Exclusives

Here's a look at not only the Dodgers' RIP cards found in packs of 2017 Allen & Ginter, but also a peek at all of the Dodgers' Mini Exclusive cards found only within the RIP cards. Go here to check out all of my past post on this set.

As you know, RIP cards hold a hidden surprise. You can find an Artist Originals (1/1), Mini Metal (#/3) or Mini Wood (1/1) cards. Also inserted are Mini Exclusives that add more cards to the 350 card set base -- for a total of 400 cards (the last 50 of which are the below short-printed mini's). Of those extra 50 cards five of them are Dodger players. You can see all of them below. I've also included a checklist for the four Dodgers' Artist's Originals drawings that are available, and share a pic of the Clayton Kershaw card drawn by noted artist Brian Kong.

Mini Exclusives (found only in RIP cards)

#375 Julio Urias                   #381 Clayton Kershaw

#390 Corey Seager                   #395 Sandy Koufax

#397 Jackie Robinson

Mini Artist’s Originals (#/1)

  • #AO-CK Clayton Kershaw
  • #AO-CS Corey Seager
  • #AO-JR Jackie Robinson
  • #AO-SK Sandy Koufax
The card below is currently for sale at eBay at $499.009. Go here to check out that listing.

#AO-CK Clayton Kershaw


#RIP-2 Jackie Robinson        #RIP-8 Sandy Koufax

#RIP-22 Corey Seager          #RIP-29 Clayton Kershaw

#RIP-34 Kenta Maeda              #RIP-96 Julio Urias

Double Rip

#DRIP-1 Julio Urias & Corey Seager

#DRIP-27 Sandy Koufax & Clayton Kershaw

#DRIP-35 Corey Seager & Clayton Kershaw

#DRIP-38 Sandy Koufax & Jackie Robinson

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