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Blog Kiosk: 7/26/2017 - Dodgers Links - Some Odds and Ends

All I can say about Chris Taylor is that he had remained on the waiver wire in my fantasy Baseball league all year long -- even with his exploits becoming harder to ignore. After all, his production is practically impossible to believe. Nevertheless, I had a hole and I figured he could filled it. So, I picked him up and suddenly my team is on a roll -- just like the Dodgers. Per Rhett Bollinger and Ken Gurnick at
"He's an exciting player, he does a lot of things that help a championship team," Roberts said of Taylor. "We don't know what this young man's ceiling is. He keeps getting big hits, and he's making great defensive plays to save runs. He's a winning player."
Chris Taylor's two doubles and three RBI's spearheaded a Dodger victory last night -- their 70th of the season. Pic above of Christ Taylor via the Dodgers on Go here to check out pics by Jon SooHoo and Juan Ocampo from yesterdays game. Below are more links to check out:
  • This Day in Dodgers History: In 1950 Dodgers outfielder Jim Russell becomes the first ballplayer in major league history to hit a home run from both sides of the plate in a game in two different games. His record is eventually surpassed by Mickey Mantle in 1956. In 1990 super-utilityman Mike Sharperson become the first player in Dodger history to start every infield position in the same season. In 1991 Montreal starter Mark Gardner no-hit the Dodgers for nine innings, but eventually lost the game in the tenth inning. He allowed two singles and reliever Jeff Fassero gave up the winning hit to lose, 1-0.  Dodger pitchers Orel Hershiser, Kevin Gross and Jay Howell combine for a two hit shutout. In 1995 the Dodgers signed free agent amateur pitcher Eric Gagne out of Seminole State College. In 2008 the Dodgers received third baseman Casey Blake from the Indians for Jon Meloan and Carlos Santana.
  • Happy Birthday, John ButlerSam LeslieHoyt WilhelmGlenn MickensJody ReedBrandon Morrow!
  • Video: Hear from Dave Roberts after the Dodgers 6-2 win over the Minnesota Twins on Tuesday night. (video link)
  • Video: Alanna Rizzo speaks with Chris Taylor after driving in three runs in the Dodgers 6-2 win over the Twins on Tuesday night. (video link)
  • Per Joshua Thornton at; "Double-switch snafu leads to 18-minute delay: Dodgers point out mistake in Twins' move during odd sequence."
"It was just one of those things where there was a little confusion in where initially the pitcher spot in the double switch was at," Roberts said. "A player that was supposed to be out of the game was still in the game, and I just wanted to get clarity and make sure that the pitcher was in the right spot."

“Yeah, he reminds me a lot of myself, being able to get to the big leagues and being able to put together quality at-bats but not necessarily doing the damage that you want to do,” Turner said. “You make those few adjustments in your swing to be able to repeat it and be on-time all the time, and the next thing you know the ball is jumping off your bat and you’re doing damage all over the field. It’s awesome to watch him go through it. I can feel it. I kind of went through it myself. I’m very very proud of what he’s doing and can’t wait to see what’s left out there for him to accomplish.”
  • Per Josh Jackson at; "Dodgers' Davis sets career high with five RBIs: No. 28 prospect accomplishes feat in third game with Quakes."
"One thing I noticed even since I saw him in Spring Training, he's watered down a lot of the noise he had in his swing," the skipper (Drew Saylor) said. "It's much calmer, more compact, and he's also recognizing pitches much better. He's showing a lot more control, and that's always a good thing."

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