Monday, November 20, 2017

2017 Topps High-Tek - All the Dodgers Insert Cards

Now that you've seen the 2017 Topps High-Tek Dodgers' base cards, here are the rest of 'em. FEatured below are all of the Dodgers' inserts you can find. Unfortunately, all Bellinger and Seager autographed cards come with a redemption. Also, there appears to be only one Dodgers base card "Clubhouse Image Variation" available and it is of Corey Seager. If any more pop up I will be sure to update this post.

Clubhouse Image Variations

#HT-CS Corey Seager


  • #HT-CBE Cody Bellinger -- Redemption Card
  • #HT-CS Corey Seager -- Redemption Card

#HT-GS Gary Sheffield          #HT-JU Julio Urias

#HT-SK Sandy Koufax


#J-CK Clayton Kershaw


#TW-CS Corey Seager

TwiliTEK Autographs

  • #TW-CS Corey Seager -- Redemption Card

Tek Buyback Autographs

#Gary Sheffield
1998 Tek Buyback

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