Friday, November 10, 2017

Blog Kiosk: 11/10/2017 - Dodgers Links - Some Odds and Ends

Although this is far from the most artistic photograph you'll ever see, it is interesting. Featured here is a March 1943 ACME press photo (eBay auction link) of America's finest at West Point watching the Brooklyn Dodgers train. Per the descriptor on the reverse:
Dodgers Try Indoor Training Ground -- General Mud was a wartime stymie in the field of sport, today, He ousted the Dodgers from their Bear Mountain training camp and sent them scurrying to the safety of the West Point Academy Field House. Here, soldiers sneak a look through the net as the famous Bums get the kinks out of their batting arms.
Below are more links to check out:
I introduced him to Vanessa, and he gave her a big hug for the picture. His handlers really liked that, and didn’t shuffle us off as quickly as others. That gave me my opening.
“Mr. Scully, we’re getting married in January. Do you have any advice for a young couple?” 
His face changed, contemplating his answer, and said, “Forget the word, ‘I’.”
“It is a memoir, really an X-ray of what it’s like to be an executive in Major League Baseball or in professional sports,” Colletti said. “It also covers what it is like to be a General Manager, with a lot of big meetings, handling the negotiation process, dealing with life and people. This book is what it looked like through my perspective.”
"If you were to say after those first days of getting pine tar on my hands and rosin on my shoes and literally sitting in Jackie Robinson's lap that I would be a major league player and play as long as I did and be a part of the history of the game like I was, I would say 'Gosh, really me?' so I've been blessed," said Garvey, who lives in Palm Desert. "Of course being in the Hall of Fame would be the ultimate honor, but not making it wouldn't be the end of the world."

  • This is hilarious:

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