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Blog Kiosk: 12/7/2017 - Dodgers Links - Some Odds and Ends

As painful this photo may be, I believe it's something that must be shared. Heck, I'd be surprised if this image has ever been widely seen. Featured above is an original Barney Stein photograph, currently at auction at RMY, that shows four Dodger employees dumping boxes full of unused 1951 World Series tickets into what looks like a furnace at Ebbets Field. (auction link)

As you may recall, this was the year Giants cheater Bobby Thompson walloped a walk-off home run off Ralph Branca to end the Dodgers hopes of a championship. Unfortunately, we don't know who the person's pictured are (if you know, please pass that along). We do know that the three chaps in work uniforms are Ebbets Field employees -- likely concessionaires, ticket takers, etc. Just take a gander at the chest of the fellow on the far right. It features Dodgers on his nameplate.

Below are more links to check out:
Stanton controls this, which we can take to mean the Dodgers also control this. Because of how the leverage here is distributed, it makes sense that Stanton would be available to the Dodgers for a lower cost than the one that would be charged to the Cardinals and Giants. It’s not often you see trade negotiations that are so lopsided in one team’s favor, but this is something teams just have to accept when they give out no-trade clauses. Players earn those clauses, and they’re free to use them however they like. Usually, circumstances aren’t so complicated. But it seems like Stanton wants Los Angeles. Which essentially would leave this up to Los Angeles. If they want him, they ought to be able to get him, for a rather underwhelming return. The Marlins wouldn’t be happy, but even though they’re the ones with their finger on the trigger, it’s hardly their decision to make. Their power here is woefully limited.
  • Per Eric Chesterton at Cut4; "The city of Torrance recognized the Dodgers' Peanut Man, so he celebrated by bringing peanuts."
Anyone who has ever been to Dodger Stadium knows that Roger "The Peanut Man" Owens is among the best entertainers in vending because of his flashy delivery of peanuts. Tuesday night, his contributions were recognized by his hometown of Torrance, Calif.
One of Gibson’s mentors was Darryl Rogers, his football coach at Michigan State. One day Rogers asked Gibson if he wanted to be a top-five pick in the NFL Draft. Gibson said yes.
“And he said, ‘Go out for baseball,’” Gibson said. 
It was the best advice Rogers gave him.

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